*NEW* My beloved Peanut just passed away on 1/26/2018, so this year for my birthday, I'm adding in some special items due to her passing. You can find my normal wishlist below.

*Contact me for photos, I have a lot more than what's on Facebook (that are higher quality), and already have a few picked out. If the option is given, I'd like to have her name on the back.

Hey, you found my year-round Christmas wishlist! This should help you find something to get me for Christmas, my birthday, and the likes, or give you an idea of what kind of things I like. If you do purchase something off this list, please send an email to wishlist@kimmorz.com with the item you purchased, so that it can be removed from the list to avoid duplicates. I do not see these emails, so you wont have to worry about spoiling the surprise for me. If you have any questions about something on the list, you can email wishlist@kimmorz.com for answers.

Anything with a after it is a favorite item! Granted, I love everything on this list, so get me anything on here and that'd be super rad! Favorite items are the absolute must haves, or things I've been craving the longest.

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Art Supplies

I don't expect to get this at all, but I thought I'd put it here anyways. Even just Apple Store giftcards to lower what I have to save up would even work. My goal is to eventually make real money of my art, and this would help me so I could do art on the go, and not have to be tied down to a computer that only sometimes works. I've done my research, and the iPad seems to be the best artist tablet available for what I'm looking to do. I was originally just going to ask for money this year



Video Games

No digital copies, please!

Enamel Pins

This section was getting out of hand, so instead of having everything here, I moved all of it to a list on Etsy for easier browsing, except a few favorites, and those that aren't listing on Etsy.


For the Home

Grooming & Hair


Gift Cards