Commission Prices

Commissions are open! Fill out a form on any of the follow options to secure a spot on my list.

All pricing is subject to change. All pricing is listed at starting prices, and may go up depending on the complexity of the piece. You must read and agree to the terms of service before commissioning me.

Click on any image to see the larger version.

Busts: $20+

Halfbody: $35+

Fullbody: $45+

Badges: $35+

Pet Portraits: $60+

This type of commission is still very experimental, and I'm still work on my technique. Pricing is currently lower for this reason but will increase as I become more comfortable drawing realistic fur and blending colors. Results will be better with pets that have solid patches of color instead of those with a more blended coloration.

Reference Sheet: $80+


Additional characters will be charged 50-70% of the base price depending on the complexity. Small characters may be charged for different depending on the size and complexity, and may have no additional charge in some cases.

Backgrounds are quoted on a case-to-case basis, depending on the overal design and complexity.

Simple shading is included, but there will be a small increase in price for more complex shading.

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