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Digital Commissions: open
Craft Commissions: closed

I do not take requests! Please do not ask!

prices and examples

Digital: My Little Pony
Headshots: $5
Half-Body: $8-10
Fullbody: $12

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Digital: Feral
Headshots: $8
Half-Body: $11-13
Fullbody: $15

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Digital: Anthro
Bust: $15
Half-Body: $20
Fullbody: $25

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Additional Characters: Price for additional characters is approximately 70% of the cost of the first character (ex. $12 for a fullbody, $8 for a second character). Prices for small characters, will be charged differently.
Backgrounds: Price varies depending on the complexity. Pricing is decided on case-to-case basis, contact me for a quote!

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Digital art will have approximately a 1-2 weeks turnout if I'm not busy. Sketches will be sent out for you to approve before I begin coloring. Payment is due before I start coloring. If you want a lot of extra details, or accessories, there may be additional charges. Prices vary slightly based on subject.

Craft: Headgear
Beanies: $15+
-with earflaps/custom brim: $20+

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All hats will take about 1-2 weeks depending on how busy I am and if I have colors in stock. Most hats will be sewn entirely by hand, depending if I have access to a working sewing machine or not.

Craft: Plush
2D: $20+
Blobs: $25+
Ponies: $45+

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Plushies will take 2 weeks to a month depending on how busy I am, if I have the colors in stock and the details of your character. All plushies are sewn entirely by hand.

Because hats and plushies take time to make, I only offer one slot when this type of commission is available. If you'd like to receive any updates on when I plan to open commissions for these, you can subscribe to my mailing list.

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terms of service

What I will do: Original characters, some copyright characters, Fan-made characters
What I wont do: Mature content, Fettishes, Gore, Characters belonging to other artists being depicted in a way the artist would not approve, Characters belonging to other artists for a piece that is not intended for that artist, UNLESS given permission (this applies to handmade commissions)

I have the right to refuse any commission. I may refuse your commission if I feel I'm incapable of meeting your expectations.

Paypal is most preferred when it comes to payment. I accept cash payments in person. However, if this doesn't work for you, let me know, and we'll work something else out. All payments must be in USD. Payment is expected in full before I begin working on your commission. For digital commissions, payment is due after the sketch has been approved. No form of virtual money is accepted as payment, which includes, but is not limited to deviantART points, SL Dollars, Neopoints, Gaia gold, etc.

Digital art typically only takes a couple of days from receiving payment to be completed. Handmade items can take a few weeks up to a month to make, depending on my current workload and other life situations. If you want your item in time for an event or birthday, it's important to commission me early. I try to get everything done in a timely manner. If absolutely needed, I may accept a rush order, but there will be an additional fee based on the circumstances. If the commission is being shipped to you, do account for shipping time.

Everything is shipped through First-Class USPS. Any commission that is being shipped (or if you've ordered something from my store), will be shipped out the next business day or two. You will be notified of any delays of getting your package shipped. Shipping within the US takes about 3-5 days. Internation shipping will take much longer, usually a couple of weeks. If you want to upgrade your shipping to express, or to include tracking, please discuss this with me when ordering so I can calculate your shipping costs. If you're ordering from my store and would like to upgrade the shipping, contact me so I can add additional shipping options to my store.

I do not offer refunds for digital commissions. Since payment is not due until the sketch has been approved by the commissioner, I will not give out a refund for a completed piece. I will be able to make some changes after the commission is completed. A refund may be available for a craft commission. You may receive a full refund if I have not shipped the item out yet, and if it is something I can resell in my store with zero to minimal alterations. If it's something I can't resell, you will receive a partial refund to account for material costs. If the item has already been shipped out, item will need to be sent back for a refund. You'll be refunded based on whether it can be resold or not, but you wont be refunded for the shipping costs. You are responsible for covering the shipping costs to return the item.

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